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BioBag Compostable Kitchen, Trash, and Lawn Scraps Bags


Pros: Very sturdy; compostable!

These bags are so great.  I was worried that they'd be not too sturdy.  But they're fantastic.  They hold their contents well, and they actually feel fantastic to the touch -- not as "rough" as traditional plastic bags (try one -- you'll see what I mean).  Moreover, it frees you from the guilt of using traditional plastic when you're taking out the garbage.  Highly recommended.


Also, just found out:  Residents of San Francisco (city and county) can purchase BioBags at any Albertson’s, Cala/Bell’s, Cole Hardware, Rainbow Market, Real Foods, Whole Foods, or Walgreen’s Drug stores.  Otherwise, can get them online!


Pros: sturdy but biodegradable

Cons: not super cheap

In efforts to encourage my housemates (and myself) to actually use the municipal composting service we pay for (hooray for San Francisco), I recently got a nice big jar thing to collect kitchen scraps.  But when totally full, the jar can get a tad heavy (and sometimes a bit messy full of all of our food bits).  So I decided to invest in some Biobags.


They're quite sturdy.  Sure, they're no crazy thick plastic bag (but who wants them to be?) but they certainly do the trick.  And they can go straight into the compost!  I do love the fact that they're approved by the SF Department of Environment.


The only three draw backs: 1) they're not terribly inexpensive (I got mine on sale at Whole Foods); 2) they're not terribly convenient to take out of the box.  Unless I just foolishly didn't pay attention and opened the box the wrong way, I'm pretty sure you have to take the entire roll of bags out to then tear one off.  Not a huge deal.  I just tend to get lazy and like the boxes that have flaps were you can pull out the one (without risking unrollinging the whole thing); 3) if they sit there for a while with food scraps, you'll find some moisture escapes them and will drip into the bottom of your bin (which is a tad gross when you pull out the bag and proceed to drip compost/food juice on your floor).


Pros: compostable, water tight

Cons: very expensive, wish there was a 5 gallon size

This product is definitely a breakthrough: a completely compostable plastic bag that can handle wet trash and animal poop. They are easy to handle and they don't smell toxic or anything.

Being able to use a plastic liner in our compost bin really helps us keep it clean. In the past we've used paper bags, which are no good because they soak through. Or we've simply placed our food scraps directly into the plastic bin, which is nasty because you need to scrub out the slimy bin each time you empty it. Taking the compost out used to be a really disgusting task. And you know the story: if you hate doing it, sooner or later you'll probably quit. 

So here's where the bio bags come in. They seem up to the task in every way - they're just too damn expensive. The tall kitchen liners come out to something like 50 cents per bag, which is way too much to pay. Plus, we don't use a tall bin - it would be too big. We use a small bin so it gets emptied frequently (or else it starts to smell). The next smallest size down is only 3 gallons - big enough for a little wee ceramic compost pitcher, but not big enough for the bin we use. These are more reasonably priced per bag, but they're really small! And watch out for the "dog waste" size. These are tiny - about the size of sandwich bags. We bought a box of those by mistake and now we have nothing we can do with them. 

For now we're using the 3 gallon bags in our considerably larger bin (we stuffed the bottom of the bin with crumpled newspaper so the bags will fit right and not dangle). I hope the prices come down and that an intermediate size is introduced. It doesn't seem like BioBag has a lot of competition out there. Maybe that's part of the problem?

The only complaint we ever had with these bags was one occasion where one leaked. We pulled it out of the compost bin, full of wet stuff. We tied it off and left it on the kitchen floor. I guess someone forgot it, because it spent the day sitting there. When we got home, the floor was wet underneath the bag, as if it had leaked. Not sure if perhaps the bag had already started to decompose? These guys might have a short lifespan. After all they're designed to break down. Don't expect them to hold up forever if they're exposed to water, light, and oxygen. 


Pros: Strong, green

These are a very nice option to plastic bags.  I wish they sold the ones with hadles @ the store too.  I just got the black bags for pets; nice size and strong.
BioBag Compostable Kitchen, Trash, and Lawn Scraps Bags

BioBag kitchen waste bags are primarily used for the collection of food scraps and other biodegradable waste for home or community composting. Our popular BioBag 3 gallon size is designed to fit most kitchen countertop composting pails. Using BioBags takes the mess out of the messiest job, cleaning out the bucket! BioBags can also help reduce odor and bacterial build-up during food scrap collection… see Composting systems for more information. Our 3 gallon food waste bags are also great for refrigerated food storage. One feature of the BioBag is that it “breathes” without leaking. This unique benefit allows heat and moisture to evaporate, which keeps food “fresher” longer. Try BioBags for storing your fruits and vegetables. Store your vegetables to maintain freshness, and then use the same bag to line your composting pail. We call it “use and use again”. Our 3 gallon size can also be used for smaller bathroom waste cans. BioBag Tall Kitchen waste bags are sized equivalent to regular plastic bags and fit most kitchen waste cans. This sturdy bag is perfect for collecting food waste, paper and other biodegradable packaging items. Our tall kitchen bags are also great for collecting outdoor waste from small gardening areas. Most communities have designated days for yard and compostable waste pick-up. Check to see if there is a program in your area. All BioBag products are “shelf stable”, just like paper plates or paper towels. BioBags will not decompose until they are introduced to the earth’s elements or micro-organisms in the soil. Extended heat can make the BioBags feel soft and may eventually cause splitting. We recommend storage in a dry, cool area.

Size3 gallon or tall kitchen
MaterialCorn PLA
Additional Features
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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