B.I.G. Man Shorty Utility Vehicle Reviews

Positive Reviews


An excellent ride!


Pros: Good road performance; excellent mileage per charge

Cons: Requires mechanical aptitude; no hard doors

We got our Shorty to cary two adults and substantial cargo. It does both things admirably. This is a low speed vehicle, which means you need to wrap your mind around the reality of taking your time to get somewhere. It has a long range per charge, even here in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. That means you can make several trips of 10 to 14 miles each in a period of a few days before you need to recharge. Our longest routine trip is the 38 mile round trip to our area farmers' market. This takes almost exactly half of the battery capacity on a full charge. We anticipate making a 50+ mile round trip to the county seat of our county, but haven't had the need to go there...
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Negative Reviews


Golf Cart w/ Fancy Head Lights


Pros: Electric

Cons: Its a golf cart

Dont waste your time.. There are other companies that make much better Fancy Golf Carts that dont cost as much.