Biffy Universal Bidet


Pros: Cleans your bum without gobs of TP! Leaves you feeling cleaner than when you sat down!

Cons: The water is cold at my house and makes my bum numb after a few seconds of use! Going to get the Biffy Bun Warmer to try to fix the cold water problem

I really love my Biffy! It was quite hilarious when I first got to experience the use of a bidet, I was a bidet virgin you could say. My first experience wasn't very good. I had water everywhere and I really didn't get the full use out of the bidet to start off with. The second time was better. I actually saw the benefit of a bidet and saw the Eco-friendly side of less "TP" use during my bathroom visit. The only problem I have had thus far is how cold the water is. It is very cold and my wife refuses to use the Biffy until we get the Biffy Bun Warmer. All in all, great product and I don't know why our Country hasn't embraced this wonderful device! As for cost, it was fairly cheap. I paid $117.51 total for my Biffy. This included shipping and a free Biffy Squirt travel bidet. I will definitely refer this product to everyone I know!


Pros: Everything

Cons: nothing

Great product that does everything it says it will.  Can't say enough about it. Perry


Pros: Easy Install

Cons: Buy the Bun Warmer

Bought a Biffy 6 months or so ago and haven't looked back.  It was easy to install and even easier to use.  

Biffy Universal Bidet

The Biffy Universal Bidet has quickly become the American standard for non-electric bidets. Its simple assembly easily connects to your existing 2 piece toilet and fits both round or elongated shapes. The Biffy features a retractable spray nozzle that rinses itself before and after each use. It's made of flexible, anti-bacterial, polycarbonate and stainless steel parts for long lasting construction. The Biffy Bidet is incredibly easy to use. It hides discreetly under the rim of your toilet seat. When you are ready to use it, just push back on the handle and the spray nozzle rinses itself and swings into position beneath you. Then it automatically turns on and rinses your bottom. Release the handle and it turns off, rinses itself, and glides back into hiding. Simple. This is good personal hygiene care.

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How To Install:

After following the instructions I was able to completely install the Biffy in less than 10 minutes. All you will need is a screw driver.  I later purchased another Biffy for our second bathroom and timed myself and completed the install in just less than 7 minutes. The whole process consists of hand tightening two hose ends, unfastening the current toilet seat and attaching the Biffy bidet attachment and spacers underneath the seat.



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There is an optional Ambient Warmer. It keeps the water you are rinsing with warmer than room temperature. In warm climates it may not be needed at all. In colder climates where pipes can freeze it might be considered.