Benziger Cabernet Sauvignon


Pros: rich in texture, hint of berry and chocolate, now or keep for 5 years

Cons: none

A very fine reasonably priced full-body cabernet from the Benziger Winery.  The 2005 Reserve is a clear winner by the rich texture, flavor of berry and chocolate aroma.  It is very smooth in the mouth and can be drink now or keep for the next five years.  On top of this fine product, the winery is very GREEN and has incorporated many principles of organic farming and maintaining a self-sustaining ecosystem.


Pros: Organic, complex flavors, not too sweet

First and foremost, I think Benziger is just a great winery.  They farm both organically and biodynamically, and have a green power purchasing policy.  On top of that, they make good wine.  Their cabernet is quite rich and interesting.  According to their description, it has layered flavors of dark berry, tart cherry, and a slight earthiness.  I'm not really up on my wine terms, but I would have to agree.  On the whole, it's a good wine.  It didn't absolutely floor me, but I would certainly buy it again.

Benziger Cabernet Sauvignon

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from Benziger Winery

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