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Benefect Botanical Disinfectant


Pros: Can be used in place of bleach to kill germs

Cons: Doesn't actually whiten

I use this product at my massage/skin care office. We have to use EPA approved disinfectants that kill the HIV virus on contact and HEPB, etc. This is the first botanical product that the EPA approved. We also use it on the yoga mats at the studio I belong too, and my chiropractor uses it in her office.

Smells like oregano.

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant: * The First & Only Botanical Disinfectant in North America * Kills Over 99.99% of Bacteria, Fungus, TB and HIV * No Rinse or Wipe Required * No Warning Labels or First Aid Statements * No Mixing What do these mean to you? As a contractor or homeowner you know that Benefect® has been reviewed for safety, efficacy & environmental impact by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & therefore you can trust what the label says. Naturally, Benefect's botanical ingredients give it some distinct advantages: No Rinse or Wipe Required You can now use a product that doesn’t require a rinse or wipe. This saves costly labor & time allowing you to do the job faster by saving a whole labor step & lets you move onto the next job faster. This saves you money. It is also suitable for use around children, pets, the elderly and chemically-sensitive individuals. So you can relax about chemical contamination, overspray & evacuating building occupants. No Warning Labels or First Aid Statements You can now use an alternative to chlorine, ammonia & oxidizers which isn't corrosive, flammable or reactive nor does it pose a public health risk. This means you don’t need any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as: rubber gloves, boots, aprons, respirators or face shields to protect yourself from the product. Employers are liable for the health and safety of their employees. Using Benefect ensures employers are providing their employees with the latest technology & the best choice for the job. Would you buy 20 year old equipment? Why would you choose 20 year old disinfectant technology? No Mixing Ready-To-Use products dispense the correct concentration of disinfectant every time, right out of the bottle. With many concentrates, contractors need to make sure dilution rates, water hardness levels and water temperature are all correct to ensure that the disinfectant is mixed properly: too low & they may not kill effectively, too high & they may be an additional health risk. » Now also registered for use in Air Ducts!

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › Benefect Botanical Disinfectant