Pros: All Natural, Super Yummy, Great Anytime Pick-Me-Up

Cons: Pricey

I started carrying these in my bag when I was pregnant for those times when I was always on the go and did not have time to stop and eat.  (Which was pretty often).  I loved the fact that they were all natural and safe to eat during pregnancy since so many "nutrition" bars on the market are full of junk (to put it nicely).


Not only do these taste delicious (especially the chocolate ones) but, they really give you a boost of energy and help curb hunger pangs until you can eat an actual meal.  They are also great during nursing, when you really need those extra calories & you want something quick and simple to eat while feeding your baby at the same time.


I'm no longer pregnant and no longer nursing but I still buy these on a regular basis because I'm always on the go and it's great to have one in the diaper bag.  They are also great to carry along to the gym to help regulate your blood sugar during workouts.  I just wish they were a bit cheaper.  I got a box of 5 for 7.99 @ Target but they are usually 11.99 for a box of 5 or about 22.99 for 12.


BELLYBAR New moms and moms-to-be need extra nutrients before, during and after pregnancy. Which is why we created Bellybar. Packed with key prenatal nutrients, Bellybar satisfies your need for something nutritious and your craving for something delicious. And, it delivers the essential iron, foic acid, calcium, protein and Omega-3 DHA that you and your baby need. With Bellybar, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that OB/GYNs, midwives, doulas and healthcare providers recommend it. So, unwrap a bar, and discover why women crave Bellybar long after they've given birth. Bellybar comes in the following flavors: MELLOW OAT Some appointments are meant to be cancelled, some buses meant to be missed. Take a deep breath, kick back and relax. And find a moment to Mellow Oat. BABY NEEDS CHOCOLATE It's not an excuse - the baby really does need chocolate. And so do you! Take this moment to celebrate. Indulge yourself. Satisfy your cravings. Eat more chocolate. BERRY NUTTY CRAVINGS Pickles and ice cream in a bar? We didn't think so. But we did whip up this delicious blend of nuts and berries for you to snack on until your next craving arrives. Crave on. BURSTIN' CHOCOLATE Aren't you positively burstin'?! Burstin' with excitement and joy, and maybe there's a burstin' belly! Well, now you can snack on bursts of chocolate - and there's even a hint of orange to fill your citrus craving. Keep burstin'!

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