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Belkin "Conserve" Surge Protector with Remote Switch


Pros: SOOOO EASY to reduce vampire loads!

Cons: is a bit bulky, but see review for why - so not really a con...

I discovered this product on Planet Green's Wa$ted show - the episode with the Firehouse.


Basically you have 2 outlets for stuff that needs to stay on - the directions list examples: DVRs, routers, alarm clocks, etc.  The rest of the outlets (either 6 or 8 available), are powered off via a remote switch. 


The unit is kinda bulky overall - really about 50% larger than I expected - but I realized quickly that wall-warts (the black box transformer kind of plugs) will not overlap other outlets reducing the usable number, which I have had happen on other strips.  They are also oriented sideways, which helps with large plugs and wire management.  There are indicator LEDs for grounding and if the outlets are powered on/off.  There is also a feature at the bottom of the strip to feed your wires through to help with wire management as well.


Super easy to use.  Saves vampire loads with simple remote on/off switch.

There is a set of 3 tiny jumpers that allow you to pair the remote to multiple strips, if you like - or to be certain that they are not paired, for individual remote control.



The switch can be a loose remote, or mount on the wall - the switch easily comes out of the mount so you can keep changing your mind as well (LOL!).  It is a simple remote - on or off.  The mounting tape is even "green tape" - so some real effort was made to make this a greener product.


ROHS compliant.

Made in China (seems to be unavoidable!)


I ordered mine on-line through Belkin so when considering price, tax, and S/H - price came to US$62.

Belkin "Conserve" Surge Protector with Remote Switch

DON'T STANDBY. CONSERVE! Belkin's Conserve Energy-Saving Surge Protector conveniently minimizes standby power by enabling you to turn off the power to multiple devices with just one click of the remote switch. The remote switch easily cuts off or activates the power that flows to devices plugged into Conserve's Switchable outlets, while devices such as DVRs or Routers can be plugged into the Always-On outlets, since they require a continuous power supply. Available with 8 or 10 outlets. Saving money and saving energy has never been easier. Additional Features: •1000 Joules and $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty - and Peace of mind for you and premium protection for your valuable electronics. •Safety Shutters - Protect your family by covering exposure to unused outlets •Cable management Clip - Keep power cords tidy and out of the way. Conserve Remote Switch: •Up to 60 ft range •Wall-mountable and portable - Place your remote switch wherever you like. Saving energy is now as easy as turning off your lights. •RF Technology - Wireless and powerful enough to reach through walls and objects, so that you can place Conserve behind cabinets or under furniture, as needed. •Channel pairing - Use a single remote switch to control multiple Conserve units throughout the house.

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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Eco Friendly Home › Electrical Supplies & Gadgets › Belkin "Conserve" Surge Protector with Remote Switch