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Beijing Sunda Solar Seido5 Series Solar Collector

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Beijing Sunda Solar Seido5 Series Solar Collector

SUNDA'S SEIDO EVACUATED TUBES were developed by Sunda and Daimler-Benz Aerospace with support from UNDP in 1986. Over ten years of co-operative research and development by Sino-German experts resulted in today's design. Sunda's vacuum tubes are suitable for OEM manufacturers and can be used for various kinds of installations. Absorber and heat pipe are mounted in a highly stable borosilicate vacuum glass tube. This prevents damage and the heat loss that occurs in conventional solar collectors. The absorber is sputtered with aluminium nitride selective coating to ensure high absorption and highest efficiencies even on cloudy days. Sunda collector modules consist of an array of SEIDO evacuated tubes, insulated manifold header, support frame and standard frame package for single roof installation. Manifold headers have capacities of 8, 16 or 20 tubes. The collector manifold casing and end cap are made of powder-coated aluminium profile. The copper inlet and outlet pipe nipples come standard in Ø22mm, making plumbing connections quick and easy using readily available metric compression fittings. The connection between the heat pipe and manifold is critically important to ensure optimal heat transfer. The manifold header pipe is mounted within the manifold casing and is made of Ø28mm, 1 mm thick copper pipe rated for a maximum pressure of 10 kg/cm² - standard use is 6 kg/cm². The heat pipe vacuum tube collects heat from sun working with high efficiency and absorbing up to 92% of the incoming irradiation. Thereafter, the condenser of the heat pipe will transfer the heat to the manifold where the water is heated. The heated water will circulate in the system until the required temperature is attained. The heat transfer liquid of the heat circuit does not flow through the collector itself. This allows a very simple installation and guarantees an exceptionally trouble-free operation. The operation of the system will not be interrupted even if one of the collector tubes should get damaged. The manifold is mounted in a FCKW-free insulated box that largely protects the collector against heat loss. With its two vertical supports and the bottom support the insulated box provides a stable frame for the collector module. Features: - Optimal irradiation absorption - Antifreeze - Fast start-up due to small thermal capacity - Low heat loss due to thermal diode effect - High vacuum with long-term stability - High pressure resistance - Reliability and durability - Easy installation and maintenance - Easy integration into buildings These systems are Performance Certified when installed to SRCC OG100 Specifications. When properly installed and maintained, these systems meet the minimum standards established by SRCC. The SRCC certification does not imply endorsement or Warranty of this product by SRCC. The specifications listed are for the smallest configuration.

Size8 collectors (2.4 sq-m), 16 collectors (4.08 sq-m)
Additional Features
TypeTubular solar thermal
Thousands of BTUs per panel per day21 (clear day), 11 (cloudy day) in warm climate
Cell Efficiency
Freeze Tolerance
Rated Power/Wattage Generated
Release Date
Thousands of Megajoules per panel per day
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Renewable Energy Systems › Solar Power › Solar Power Systems › Beijing Sunda Solar Seido5 Series Solar Collector