BAZI Pro-Active Power 16oz Bottle Reviews


Great Source of Energy

This truly is a product that I feel good about, because of its amazing impact on mine and my family's life. Everybody just seems to be more active, more healthy and to be generally happier than before we started taking our little 2oz Bazi shot every morning. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new energy source.

Improved Health

My husband and I love Bazi.  It has improved our overall heath and well being by increasing our energy levels and mental clarity. We have also experienced an exponential decrease of seasonal sicknesses. We look forward to our morning shot of Bazi each day!  ~Krista

Increased Energy from Bazi!

Bazi, has increased my energy level to a much higher degree and has pushed me to be a more effective trainer in the gym with my clients and a stronger business owner as well. - Chris

Bazi is Pro Active Power


Pros: Bazi is the best health supplement I have ever taken. It gives me all day natural energy. mental clarity and focus and keeps me haelthy.

Cons: I can't get enough of it.

Bazi is Pro Active Power. Used by Professional and Olympic athletes and coaches. Bazi has 8 super fruits( The Jujube, Acai berry, Goji Berry, Pomegranite, Mangosteen, Blueberry, Raspberry and the Seabuckthorn Berry) 12 vitamons and 68 minerals all in a convenient 2 ounce power shot. Email for a free sample.