Bagnesia Reusable Bag Reminder Kit

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Bagnesia Reusable Bag Reminder Kit

Great product for folks who would like to remember their reusable bags, but just keep forgetting. The Bagnesia Reusable Bag Reminder Kit comes with everything the average person needs to be more eco-friendly on shopping trips. Kit includes: Bagnesia’s compact reusable bag made from lightweight washable nylon. When unfolded, it measures 18" X 16", will hold up to 40 lbs (comparable to 2-3 plastic shopping bags) and is water resistant. When rolled up and closed with the attached elastic band, it measures just 4" X 2" and fits great into small spaces like your purse or glove box. Door Hanger to hang on the door that you exit from. Laminated door hanger reads "grab your bags" and measures 3" X 8". Steering Wheel Wrap - that helps you remember to take in your bags. Flexible black neoprene wrap reading "grab your bags" grips your steering wheel, parking brake or infant car seat handle as a constant reminder to bring your bags into the store. Measures 4 ½" square and attaches with strong gripping velcro. Clip - Black and silver custom mini clip measures 2" and is certified lead-free, solid anodized aluminum. They are permanently LASER engraved with Reusable Pouch - 9" X 8" black nylon drawstring carrying pouch with bagnesia oval in turquoise.

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