BAGGU Reusable Shopping Tote

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Even though I like my Envirosax, I wanted to try Baggus too. They are not as cool looking (I got a solid color that was on sale) but are just as funtional. They look really strong and I have used them to carry heavy things, like books from the library, with no problems. They easily slide over your shoulder and can be easily washed. They do not fold as small as my Envirosax bag and you have to fold them and fit them in a square pocket that came with it. This shouldn't be a problem, it's not hard to fit the bag in the pocket, as long as I don't lose the pocket.

BAGGU Reusable Shopping Tote

A reusable shopping bag. Carry in your hand or over the shoulder. Holds the contents of 2-3 plastic grocery bags. 14" wide / 23" high / 5" deep. Folds into a flat 5" by 5" pouch. Holds 25 lbs. 100% ripstop nylon. Machine washable.

Additional Features
TypeShopping or canvas bag
Material100% ripstop nylon
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC