Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath Pint Reviews

Could be perfect if it were Fragrance Free


Pros: Moisturizing, Nice scent, Really cute re-usable bottle

Cons: Not scented w/ essential oils....just lists "fragrance", Pricey

I nearly forgot about this until I saw the bottle sitting in my daughters room the other day.  I liked everything about this product except the fact that they list "fragrance" as an ingredient.  It could be perfect if they used essential oils to create the "fragrance" and disclosed which essential oils they were using.  Unlike the buttermilk lotion, this does not have any borate in it so I decided to try it and neither myself or my baby had any reactions to it.  I think the glass bottle in the shape of an old fashioned milk pint is adorable and I actually saved it and put it in my daughters nursery.  It could make a cute vase or small planter too.  I received this as a gift and while it...
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