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Avalon Organics Nourishing Shampoo


Pros: everything but the tangles

Cons: tangles

I've been searching for 15 years for a shampoo that works for my hair.  This is the first shampoo I've ever found that does the trick, and sad for me I didn't come across it until the end of last year.  I have no trouble with suds (and if I did it wouldn't bother me, suds are an effect of SLS, don't mistake the suds as being nessecary for clean).  This shampoo smells amazing - I've used the Lavendar and just bought the Peppermint last week, and love them both. A bottle will last my family of four just over two months (we only need the tiniest bit, about a dime size - and my daughter and I have really long hair).  I use no conditioner (as my hair is prone to be oily), for the tangles I use a boars hair bristle brush (picked one up from the dollar store). I've never ever had hair this nice!! The only time I will consider switching is if I'm able to make my own shampoo cheaper - and so far that's not an option.


Pros: Not as harsh as most products

Cons: Disappointed that it isn't all organic

Any time you have trouble getting your shampoo to suds up, just add about 1 tsp of baking soda to the shampoo in your hand, mix them together, then shampoo. You'll likely have more suds than you know what to do with! Works like a dream! (Adjust amount of baking soda to more or less as you figure out how much is perfect for your shampoo, hair length, etc.)


Pros: better than average in mainstream products

Cons: drying to my hair, nothing really exciting about it

I used to use this product line of Avalon because I wanted to avoid all the harsh chemicals and harmful carcinogens in mainstream products. I would it ordinary and nothing special about this line other than a lack of most of the harmful chemicals. I did not like them calling their products organics, when most of the ingredients are not organic. I prefer honesty in product company claims, and can trust Neways Int to give me the best and safest products on the market. healthy-communications dot com


Pros: good scent

Cons: not quite as effective

So the shampoo is not the sudsiest, but shampoo does not need to be all that sudsy to be effective. While I'll agree it's not the strongest cleaning agent in the world, shampoo-wise, I would also contend that I wouldn't want my shampoo to be something so strong that it completely strips my hair of any oils--that is part of why I decided to start trying organic shampoos. My hair is on the really oily and thin side, and while I don't get salon results, it certainly does the job.

The scent I picked up was the peppermint, and I love it very much.


Pros: strong scent organic

Cons: strong scent almost astringent

 This is the problem I'm having with organic hair care, this stuff is too drying and strong, it smells like they overload the essential oils! I like it, but only once in a while or I would hate it! I don't find that the scent and clean feeling last as long as some other more (overly) hydrating (read as oily) brands


Pros: Wonderful sweet scent

Cons: Dries out my hair

Has a wonderful, mild sweet scent. The best selling shampoo I've ever bought (I tend to like mild,calming scents, not any fruity stuff blech). I had absolutely no problem with  sudsing like previous reviewers. Pros: Cleans hair very well; Cons: Dries hair out, hair is quite tangled without a conditioner. But the scent alone... it makes me look forward to washing my hair.


Pros: Seems to do the job well

Cons: Haven't quite fallen in love

I've been using this shampoo for about a month now, and am more or less happy with it.  I haven't noticed a lack of sudsing as some of the other commenters have noted; maybe this is related to water hardness? 


It smells pretty good, leaves my hair feeling soft, doesn't contain parabens, preservatives, or SLS.  It still does have ingredients that I can't pronounce, and as someone else said, most of the ingredients aren't organic.


I haven't fallen madly in love with this shampoo, and may stray to try other brands.  However, I have no complaints either, and will probably buy it again in the future.




Pros: leaves hair feeling great, available in larger sizes

As a swimmer, I go through a lot of conditioner and shampoo. Avalon Organics makes a lavender shampoo that always makes my hair feel soft and seems to neutralize nearly all of the chlorine scent. It really strips out any build up and clears out the chlorine -- I have very fine, long hair and it doesn't leave my hair feeling dry, coarse, brittle or worked over. It's always silky and feels great. It also smells really good without an overpowering scent that lingers and stalks me like some shampoos.

This product is also available in a much larger pump bottle -- a bigger bottle is better than a smaller bottle (you're going to use less plastic) and a pump is a much more conservative way to dispense conditioner and shampoo -- you will find you use less than a squeeze bottle.

Choose shampoos and conditioners with no Sodium Lauryl/Laureth sulfate if you can -- it's a known skin irritant and may result in damage to hair follicles and loss of hair. When used in bubble baths, it can cause irritation by damaging skin's protective surface (ever end up with red bumps from using bubble bath?

This product:
-- No parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, or other harsh preservatives or chemicals
-- No synthetic fragrances or colors
-- pH balanced
-- 100% Vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing

Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate info:


Pros: Organic/natural ingredients, no harsh or toxic chemicals, environmentally safe, smells great

Cons: Hard to get hair clean, end up using more shampoo, only a few ingredients organic

This shampoo was both good and bad. I feel that the label of "Avalon Organics" is somewhat deceptive, on account of maybe only one or 2 ingredients are actually organic, and the rest are not. Like another reviewer said, the shampoo didn't lather very well, but that was probably due to the fact that it lacked the ingredient SLS (sodium laurel-sulfate) which is a chemical foaming agent found in most generic shampoo and personal care products like toothpaste. As as result, I found myself having to use more shampoo than usual to get my hair really clean, because the shampoo doesn't lather well. Besides that, the product works well, is environmentally friendly with all natural ingredients, and smells great.


Pros: everything

Cons: none

Wonderful product, have been using it for years.

Avalon Organics Nourishing Shampoo

Signature ingredient: Regarded as one of the most versatile therapeutic botanical essences, lavender has been revered for ages, celebrated for its effectiveness treating wounds, burns, stings, bites and more. Beta glucan, a derivative of oats, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes cellular turnover for a fresher scalp leading to healthier looking hair. Product description: Nourishing beta glucan, vitamins and certified organic lavender cleanse and fortify while energizing your scalp for strong, healthy-looking hair. Features and benefits: Designed to give your hair and scalp the optimum benefits of natural botanicals, this shampoo contains our certified organic herbal blend and certified organic lavender oil, our artfully-crafted gentle cleansing system of coconut and palm kernel-derived cleansers, special skin and hair conditioners like our vitamin and amino acid complex of arginine, panthenol and vitamin E, plus beta glucan. Who should use this product? Benefits all hair types.

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