Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion Reviews


Avalon Organics


Pros: Smells good, makes skin feel good

I love Avalon Organics.  It smells good and doesn't feel greasy at all. 

Great all around lotion

We have the large fragrance-free one at work and I use it occasionally. The reason I don't always use it is that it takes a bit longer to get absorbed than other lotions. So, when in a hurry I just forget about it. I have to say though, that it leaves my hands very silky and velvety, much more than other lotions. I like that it's fragrance free so it doesn't clash with other scents I might be wearing. I would highly recommend it to people with sensistivities.

I like organic ingredients in my natural products...


Pros: Works well, natural, many organic ingredients

Cons: A bit pricey

I use a lot of lotion, so I find that it hurts my pocketbook a bit more than other green products. I was pleased to find Avalon Organics in an extra large bottle, since that made it a better value. A lot of natural lotions (and other natural products) avoid chemical products, but I like Avalon products because they go a step further and use a lot of organic ingredients in their products. Right now I have the unscented aloe- this is a great lotion, soaks in well, leaves my skin feeling soft. I have also used the peppermint, which I thought smelled okay, and had a cooling feel to it.