Autonomie Project Ethletic Low-Top Sneakers Reviews


Way better than (Nike) Converse


Pros: fair trade, made with sustainable materials

Cons: a new pair squeaks a little when you walk, the shoe laces are kind of short

I got a pair of Autonomie Ethletic sneakers for Christmas.  After wearing Converse for a while...I decided to give it up given they're owned by Nike now and as much as I can, I like to walk the sustainable walk, including footwear.  The Ethletic sneakers are great shoes.  They've been nice and sturdy so far and comfortable.  They look really similar to the Converse style (mine are black and white and don't look a whole lot different from my b&w Converse) but they're fair trade and made with sustainable materials.   There's not a ton of arch support, but there's not much in Converse sneakers either, so no loss there.  And if you need arch support, I'd say just go a size bigger and put...
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