Saves money and is green!

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Pros: Durable, easy to set up, holds a lot of clothing, and is compact

Cons: use in foul weather

My wife bought this rotary clothesline about 4 years ago, and I thought it was something she might use now and then for her hand wash.  Not so. We use it all the time. With three growing children in the house, it gets used daily, at least much of the year.  Honestly, the umbrella is so easy to use that I have told my wife that we will never buy another dryer.  There is no need to spend the money on a machine or  natural gas.  It saves us about $300 per year.  I figure that over ten years we will save at least $4500 ( on lower bills, no more machines or repairs, and longer-lasting clothes).  More than that, as a family we actually enjoy doing the laundry together because we talk as we hang up the clothes or take them down.


When it rains, we set up a different drying rack in the garage and use the dryer.  I would like to avoid the dryer completely, and we are almost there.


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