Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Foam Baths Reviews


Smelled nice...but not exactly foamy


Pros: Smelled good, no SLS or parabens

Cons: Didn't really foam at all

I gave the lavender version of the Aura Cacia foam bath a try over the weekend. smelled really nice (if you like lavender) and it didn't make the water oily or anything.  But truthfully, I expected a little umph to it, meaning I expected some foam.  And there was very little to speak of.  There was a little foam on the top of the water while the bath was being drawn but after that, it pretty much disappeared (despite the fact that it was a jetted tub).  It might make for a nice bath if you think of it as a bath soak...but if you expect any bubble action, you may be disappointed.