Aubrey Organics Herbal Liquid Everyday Body Soap Reviews


Totally does the job...and that's about it

This body wash totally does the job.  Lathers well on my loofah.  Rinses clean.  But, compared with -- for example -- Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap, it just doesn't give me that extra morning kick I need to get the day started.  Like the review title suggests, it's really a fine body wash, but it doesn't bowl me over.  I'd rather stick with Dr. Bronner's (and it's cheaper, too!).  

Very happy with this body wash


Pros: lathers well, skins feels moisturized

I've been on a rampage of body wash testing trying to find one that I like so I can stop using the massive container of Old Spice body wash I've had for months, and this one is excellent. I met a very loyal Aubrey Organics employee once and have wanted to try their products ever since. I checked them out in the Skin Deep Database and was impressed - a 2 - great score. The wash isn't runny like a lot of others, has a totally mild, but pleasant smell, lathers well, and leaves my skin feeling very smooth. No complaints at all.