Aubrey Organics Creme de la Shave Reviews


Love the orange cream one!!!


Pros: It smells just like oranges and keeps my legs moisturized

The orange cream one is my favorite.  Any time I don't use it I end up getting razor burn and nicks.  But when I DO use it I can honestly say I have never had razor burn or even one nick.  My daughter also uses it.  We LOVE it.  Can't say enough about it.  There are different scents, too, ( but this one is my favorite. Also, I saw in another review that they were using a lot of the product.  I use hardly any and it works fine.  For my legs I probably use all together a 1/2 teaspoon size.  You don't need it to be on thick, I don't think.  Happy Shaving!

Really liking the Aubrey Organics shave cream


Pros: soft, moisturizes

Cons: need to use a lot

I started using the Aubrey Organics Shave cream last week and have really enjoyed it. It's thick and smooth, feels good going on, and leaves my face feeling moisturized rather than "burned." The only thing I don't like is that I feel like I use A LOT of it to shave...I'll try using less each time. Anyway, I'd absolutely recommend it.

Good, non-foaming shave cream

 Pretty good, non-foaming shave cream.  One-up on others like it because the cream is thick enough to provide a smooth shave and stay in place (instead of, for ladies, running down your leg).  The obvious downside is that the cream is more likely to kind of get stuck in the razor and requires extra time to shake out.   A little bit lack of bang for your buck (very small tube), but a good product.