Aubrey Organics - B5 Design Gel, 8 fl oz gel Reviews


Aubrey B5 Design Gel


Pros: excellent hold,economical (you only need a little bit),soft hold,feeds hair with amino acids and vitamins,thickens fine hair,

Cons: None..Wish it came in spray tip below!!!

This is an amzing gel for any type of hair. It holds well without being stiff,  nourishes hair with vitamins and amino acids. Every ingredient in this product is organic (you can pronounce all the names on back of bottle). No plastic compounds or harsh synthetics. Moisturizes and conditions hair. Tip: just spray hair with normal water to reshape or restyle. Read the book The green Beauty guide by Julie Gabriel for a way to make this gel into a spray gel (amazing tip, using water,vodka or witch hazel to make a holding spray). I highly recommend this product to anyone for value and eco-friendliness of company (aubrey is awesome) and product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!