Ariona Skincare Cleansing Bar Reviews


A very creamy natural facial soap cleaser that is the best out there!


Pros: creamy, natural organic, cleansing, bubbly, nice scent, sooths skin, very well priced,

This facial bar is the best I have tried yet. Its very creamy, and very nice on my face. It smells just wonderful of flowers and oat, and leaves my skin smelling gently. The Ariona Skincare Cleansing Bar is easy to use, and leaves my face moisturized and pimple free. The pattern on the soap bar is somewhat exfoliating for my face, and my skin feels soft and rejuvenated after its use. This facial bar is very wholesome, and lasts for ages. I use this bar after and before bed time, and my facial skin has drastically improved since: -My skin is much softer -My skin gets irritated less -I get sun burn less -I barely ever get a single pimple on my face -My face is much...
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