Arctic Tale

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Rated #8 in Green Movies & TV


Pros: Suitable for even some children, A great look at the emotional state of animals

Cons: Very sad at some points

I had actually never even heard of this movie until my son and I sat down on the couch to get some R & R after a busy Christmas morning and there it was on TV.  My 6 year old son is very concious and interested in the on going demise of the Polar Bear so he decided this was something he wanted to watch.  WOW!  What a great documentary to show us humans about how much compassion and emotion animals in the arctic demonstrate for one another.  They risk their lives to save eachother, mourn over loss of their family members due to starvation and share food with the hungry even though they have no family obligation to do so.  We laughed, we cried and we all walked away with an even bigger sense of responsibility to do whatever we can to help!


Definitely worth a watch or two!

Arctic Tale

This heartbreaking documentary puts a face on the sad statistics of global warming--and though it's not a human face it's the perhaps even more effective face of an adorable polar bear cub Nanu along with her mother her brother and her natural enemy the equally heart-melting Seela the walrus. With breathtaking footage of life on the arctic tundra the directors spin a highly emotional tale of the melting ice caps and the effect of their disappearance on every species in the ecosystem.Since the film is essentially aimed at children the cuteness factor is off the charts aided by the slightly grating use of sound effects a slangy voiceover by Queen Latifah and a kid-friendly pop/folk soundtrack. And as in a National Geographic special viewers learn some interesting and neutral facts about polar bears walruses narwhals foxes and other northern creatures. The narrative however returns repeatedly to the grim conditions that are killing off our planet's wildlife one family at a time. The directors take pains to create a hopeful ending with a sweet pair of life-goes-on epilogues and a closing credit sequence featuring conservation tips but the message of the film is sobering and hits its mark with kids and adults alike.System Requirements:Running Time: 86 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: G UPC: 097363471349 Manufacturer No: 347134

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