Archer Farms Organic Soymilk


Pros: Cheaper and generally healthier than Silk, tastes the same

Cons: Fewer flavors than Silk


We were picking up some groceries at Target, and although we always buy Silk Soy milk, we took a second peek at the cheaper Archer Farms soy milk peering out of the refrigerator case. We decided this was a good chance to do a little taste test comparison- so we bought a carton of each.


Initial notes:


Archer Farms has


less fat, fewer calories, fewer carbs, less sugar, more fiber, more sodium, and varying levels of specific vitamins when compared to the Silk soy milk. Overall, Archer Farms seems like the healthier choice.


Taste Test:


We expected to prefer the Silk soy milk, since it has always tasted better than the other brands that we have tried. I sent Kiwi to the other room, and poured two glasses of soy milk- one each- and brought them to him to try.


He tasted the Archer Farms glass first, and said that he thought it was the Silk glass. Then he tried the Silk glass, and said that he thought they tasted very similar, but that the first glass (Archer Farms) was more chocolately tasting. He said he was sure the first glass was the Silk, but that he liked them both.


So our slightly scientific blind taste test revealed that both tasted good, and Archer Farms could be mistaken as Silk.


After that, I tried them both (but with full knowledge of which was which), and I found the taste to be indistinguishable.




From now on, we're buying Archer Farms chocolate soy milk- it's cheaper, and a bit healthier. However, we are considering still buying Silk for our cereal milk, because then we can get the Omega-3 DHA Vanilla flavor, and also their Mocha flavor, since these days I need my coffee.

Archer Farms Organic Soymilk

* Made from domestically grown whole organic soybeans. * Excellent source of calcium and vitamins A, D, Riboflavin, and B12.

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