Aquabarrel Rain Barrels


Pros: Inlet = Outlet

Cons: Color

I went looking for the best functioning rain barrel.  Aquabarrel in general puts all other rain barrels to shame. What are those folks thinking when they make the overflow hoses so small? Aquabarrel was the only rain barrel company that makes rain barrels with these huge overflow holes. We chose the 80 gallon "Abe" . It came as 4 pieces plus a box of hardware. One page of instructions that were clearly written and it was easy to put together.  We were done in less than an hour.  We spent a few extra minutes putting down sand and few pavers for it to live on. Before we bought ours we e-mailed to ask about color options as none are listed on the site - It cost extra it you want a color other than black - the black is made from 100% recycled plastic. The first time it rained and it really rained! the ran barrel filled in no time and it did not overflow. All the excess went down the landscape pipe to the rain garden area. Woohoo!


Pros: holds lots o'water

Cons: bolts together

hhmm - mine was black, didn't know they could be ordered in a color. It takes two 9/16ths wrenches to put the bad boy together - all told it was about an hour and half - not bad. Seems sturdy enough - came in a box like two dixie cups stacked together. Rained like crazy the other day and after the thing filled the water chugged out the black pipe - now I have to figure out a better place to shoot the extra water to - no way this will get all the water when it rains. Will order a couple more for the other side of the house


Pros: 80 gallon of rain water, easy install, recycled plastic

Cons: black not blue

Sure nice to have found this site so I could share my 2cents.  What a great product  - I'll not repeat the first entry here as everything there is correct.  We called to ask about  other colors and told the delay would be 2-3weeks and it would have to be made from virgin plastic - so decided to stick with the black one from recycled materials. No biggie it's goin in the back by the garage anyways. So far so good - will update after we get some rain...

Aquabarrel Rain Barrels

80 gallon rain barrel. Huge 4 inch inlet AND outlet. Diverter valve for winter - summer is built right into the side of the barrel.

Total Volume80 gallons
Additional Features
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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