Aqua2use Greywater System


Pros: compact, not as expensive as others, doesn't require plumbing overhaul

We bought it from Water Wise Group and connected it to our washing machine in an afternoon.  We had to make a couple of small holes in walls (one from laundry room to garage, one from garage to outside) but there was no plumbing overhaul. Now we water a large portion of our backyard with water for free. 

It's pretty simple: the water from the washing machine goes through a 4-stage filtration system then is immediately pumped to our drip irrigation.  The filters work great.  We use low phosphorous laundry detergent and potassium in our soft water system so that our plants stay healthy. 

Very happy with it.  Would recommend without hesitation.

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Aqua2use Greywater System

Designed for easy installation and cleaning, the Aqua2use GWDD greywater system is simple to use and affordable. Other greywater systems are often complex to install and use chemicals to treat the water. The Aqua2use uses a Matala 3D Progressive multi-stage filtration system (no chemicals) that is already proven in over 40 countries to treat the water. Unlike other systems it can filter many tens of thousands of gallons of greywater without cleaning. When cleaning is required the patented Matala pads pull out for easy cleaning. Since chemicals are not needed the filtered greywater can be used for drip irrigation (airborne sprinklers are prohibited for greywater dispersion in many areas).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aqua2use GWDD?
The Aqua2use is the most advanced Gray Water Diversion Device on the market.
It is designed to help you easily reuse your waste water from your laundry, bath and shower.


Is it safe to use the Aqua2use to irrigate my garden?

It is absolutely safe to use graywater to water your plants and your trees. Your system needs to be connected to a drip irrigation system, and you should use low phosphate detergent . The filtering system of the Aqua2use is the best on the market, and will intercept lint and other impurities.


Does the water look gray?

No, you will be surprised by how clear the water looks like after filtration by the Aqua2use. You will not water your plants with soapy and "gray looking" water!


How does it work?
After being installed by one of our preferred installer or your plumber, the Aqua2use is connected and the water coming from your laundry, bath or shower flows into the unit. The graywater is filtered through the unique 4 Stage filtration system stage. The level detecting pump then pumps the filtered water into your irrigation system.  This all happens automatically.


What can I connect my unit to?
You can connect your unit to any gray waste water from your house, that includes the water coming from your laundry, bath and shower. This EXCLUDES water from the kitchen sink, dishwashers and toilets, which is classed as black water. Check your local regulations with your plumber or local water authority.


For a worry free installation, we recommend contacting one of our preferred installers.


What do I need before I connect my unit?
You will need a 110 volt power outlet.  The unit comes with a 16’ long extension cord that is ready to plug right into your GFI outlet.
You need to be able to access your waste plumbing pipes.

Why can’t I connect it to my sink in the kitchen?
It is not advisable to try to reuse sink water. This water may contain many nutrients, food particles, oil and harsh detergents, which are not suitable for reuse. Sink water and dishwasher discharge water is considered to be Black Water and is considered waste.


Is the Aqua2use an Approved Gray Water Device ?
Yes, it has the Australian Water Mark for a Pumped system and a Gravity system. There is currently no national approval agency in the US for a graywater system.

How is the Aqua2use different from other Gray Water Diversion Devices?

The New Aqua2use is designed to be the most efficient and advanced Gray Water Diversion Device available on the market. The Aqua2use is also simple to connect to your drip irrigation system, and requires very low maintenance.

What is the warranty?
All parts and the pump are covered by a 12 month replacement warranty.

How effective are the filters?

The Aqua2use has over 108 sqft of surface area ensuring the best filtration available for recycled graywater.
Standard types of filtration such as mesh filters are prone to blocking by the nature of what is in Gray Water. Lint is especially good at blocking single dimensional screen filters.
Independent laboratory tests have shown that the Aqua2use can remove up to 90% of suspended solids.
There is nothing on the market that comes close to this amount of filtration.


How often do I have to replace or clean the filters?

The filters are designed to be cleaned over and over so you don’t need to replace them.
Testing in the field has shown that up to 15,000 gallons can pass through the unit before they need cleaning. The recommended cleaning cycle is from 4-6 months, depending on how many people are using the system. Dispose of waste thoughtfully and wear protective gloves when cleaning.


How is the pump in your unit different from other pumps?

The pump is different in 3 ways.

1. There is no single float to turn it on and off. There are two magnetic micro floats that activate the control box that senses the water level.  This allows for the full capacity of the tank to be used, it allows for a full flow of water to be distributed thus filling your drip tube and importantly reaching the end of your drip tube line.
It means the pump isn't cycling (switching on and off) unnecessarily.
And it also means the full surface area of the filters are exposed to the incoming graywater.

2. The control box switches the pump on independently of the magnetic floats
This makes sure the minimum residual is remaining in the tank.

3. There are no external timers in the Aqua2use. Other units may have to rely on external timers to make sure any residual is pumped out within 24 hours. The Aqua2use control box automatically turns on the pump 4 times a day to see if there is any residual water.


Why don’t you use a low voltage pump like a 12volt unit?
Low voltage pumps have a very limited service life and generally won't do the hours expected in this type of installation. The Matala pump is a high quality pump that is designed for continuous operation and was specifically designed by MATALA for this application.

High head pumps are available on request for specific applications.


Who can service the pump?
The pump requires no servicing other than a cleaning once every six months. One of our preferred installer or your local plumber can easily service the Aqua2use.


Who do I get to install this unit?
We are building a network of preferred installers, who are familiar with installing the Aqua2Use and graywater. All of our preferred installers are certified plumbers. If there is no preferred installer in your area, you can contact your local plumber.

If you are unsure you can call us directly and we can organize an on site inspection and consultation.

What is the best way to disperse the graywater?
Water authorities recommend dispersal of graywater via drip system. 
Each garden has different requirements. Your installer should advise you on this.

How much drip tube do I need?
The recommendation is 33 feet per person in the house.
For larger output, that is more people producing graywater, it is recommended to use more drip tube.


Do I have to use a pump in this system?
Depending on your site configuration, this unit will work without a pump.
The Matala Aqua2use is registered as a gravity graywater device.
Generally speaking you will need a minimum of 6 feet in height to effectively operate the drip tube. So designing the system correctly to operate on gravity is critical.


Can I store the water once it has been through the Matala Aqua2use?
It is not advisable to store gray water from any Gray Water Diversion device for more that 24 hours.The Aqua2use will empty on demand if there is sufficient water to activate the upper float switch, or automatically on a 24 hour cycle with the “smart” controller.


How much water does my unit save me?
Independent tests have shown you can expect to save approx 30 gallons per person per day.

How big is the surge tank of the Aqua2use?
The total capacity of the tank is 21 gallons and there is an overflow outlet for safety. The Aqua2use pump will eliminate standing water issues.


Can the unit handle hot water?
Yes the pump and filters can handle water at elevated temperatures.
Boiling water should not be discharged in to any Gray Water Diversion Device.


Can the unit overflow?
No, the unit has an inbuilt overflow so if you accidentally leave the power switched off to your unit it will simply send the water to waste. This is a requirement of the Watermark and all water authorities.


Does it work with my water softener?

The Aqua2use will work with your water softener. Using potassium instead of salt inside your water softener will guarantee that your plants stay healthy.


Can I buy spare parts for my unit?
We can provide spare filters and all other parts in the unit.


Can I bury this unit?
You are able to partially bury the unit. The maximum depth is 1.3 feet.
If you need to bury the unit more than this we recommend that you install the unit inside a suitable pit. Remember that you will need to access the lid for removal and cleaning of the filters.


What are the dimensions?
Length 24”, Width 15”, Height 20”


Does this unit break down in the sun?
No, it is made of UV resistant High Grade Poly Ethylene.



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