Aptera typ-1h Plug In Hybrid Reviews


Three wheeled coolness


Pros: milleage

Cons: it is tiny

Have you ever wanted to get 1000 miles per gallon? No, it is not a typo, it may become a reality, and soon. The Aptera(aptera.com) a small alien looking three wheeled car should be available soon. There are two versions of the car, all electric and hybrid. It has flip doors and is extremely aero dynamic. It goes 0-60 in ten seconds and can go at highway speeds. The electric can go up to 120 on a charge and is going into production at the end of this year. The hybrid should get an average of 300 mpg, but will not be available till 2010. The hybrid will cost around $30,000 and the electric will be about $27,000. There are some positives to the thought of this car. While it may not be...
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