Aptera typ-1h Plug In Hybrid

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Pros: milleage

Cons: it is tiny

Have you ever wanted to get 1000 miles per gallon? No, it is not a typo, it may become a reality, and soon. The Aptera(aptera.com) a small alien looking three wheeled car should be available soon. There are two versions of the car, all electric and hybrid. It has flip doors and is extremely aero dynamic. It goes 0-60 in ten seconds and can go at highway speeds. The electric can go up to 120 on a charge and is going into production at the end of this year. The hybrid should get an average of 300 mpg, but will not be available till 2010. The hybrid will cost around $30,000 and the electric will be about $27,000.

There are some positives to the thought of this car. While it may not be realistic to think of 1000 mpg, it is not out of the question. The fact that we can talk about it is exciting. The car meets all the safety standards and says that it will include airbags. The Aptera falls under the category of a motorcycle. It can comfortably fit two and 15 bags of groceries.

There are some drawbacks to the Aptera. Safety, while it exceeds crash standards and has some great features, the simple point remains, it is very small. Small cars are at a distinct disadvantage versus the gas guzzlers. It will only available in California at first, so the rest of us will have to wait for the distribution to hit us. If you live in Ohio, it will probably be classified as a motorcycle but they may make you wear a helmet for a year, call your local police station and ask.

When the Aptera comes out it will have to compete with Zap, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda and Toyota.

While the all electric option is nice, it may not be the best one. To plug in your vehicle after only 120 miles is not exciting regardless of the regular plug that it goes into. It may be worthwhile to wait till 2010, and wait for the hybrid. It costs about 3000 dollars more, but the miles per gallon should be incredible. In all for whichever model you choose, make sure to have a California resident pick it up for you.

Aptera typ-1h Plug In Hybrid

The Aptera was designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle ("e" model), and later as an extended range electric vehicle ("h" model). The Typ-1's unique body styling, interior design, and structural engineering was created by Aptera and the design firm 'eleven'. It is shaped to maximize efficiency using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), developed and built advanced suspension and drivetrain components, and integrated a strong yet lightweight composite shell. The structural elements have undergone countless revisions of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to be lightweight, robust, and manufacturable. The typ-1h is a plug in hybrid version. It uses a small, water-cooled EFI gasoline engine with closed loop oxygen feedback and catalytic converter. This engine is coupled to a lightweight 12KW starter/generator. It's very clean and quiet. (Available late 2008)

Enginesmall, water-cooled EFI Gasoline
Additional Features
Fuel Economy Hwy (MPG)300 mpg over 120 miles
Fuel TypeHybrid Electric
Fuel Economy City (MPG)300 mpg over 120 miles
Release DateLate 2008 - Early 2009
Release StatusUnreleased
Body Type
Top Speed
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


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