Apple & Eve Juice Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Juice for kids


Pros: Tastes good and refreshing

Although I am an adult I love these juices! There are more flavors to pick from but they are really good. Also, if you have kids I would suggest to purchase these juices instead of the Capri Suns.

Negative Reviews


Don't Buy their apple juice. Concentrate from China


Pros: None

Cons: Apple juice concentrate from China

Bought their apple juice yesterday.  Read the label more closely today. Big mistake.  Found out the apple juice concentrate they use comes from the U.S., Argentina and China!  Don't trust any food product from China at the moment, particularly one for children.  Will try to take it back to the Giant Food store where we bought it.  Wish Giant and other supermarkets would drop any product that includes food stuff from China.