Aphrodite's Feast Restorative

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Aphrodite's Feast Restorative

This bountifully complete and effective recipe was lovingly created to touch your face with divine beneficence. For all skin types. (1 oz. / 30 ml.) . . . how to use Aphrodite's Feast is very concentrated - Just a small amount is needed. Massage 2 or 3 drops onto the areas of your face where you want extra support. Another way is to add a few drops of Aphrodite's Feast to your moisturizer just before applying. Blend these two together in your hands; then massage into your skin. It's no surprise that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to caring for our complexions. The most comprehensive and effective therapy for resisting premature aging is to indulge in deep, authentic nourishment from synergistic whole food ingredients that possess exceptional rejuvenating properties. The goddess of love and beauty herself has surely blessed this wholesome, extravagantly concentrated skin serum! Three of the many beneficial ingredients are . . . Black Fig • Figs can trace their nutritive history back to the very earliest of times, being been held in high esteem by many ancient cultures. There are hundreds of other phenomenal nutrients found in figs that clearly benefit and fortify skin tissue. Kudzu Root • One of the earliest medicinal plants used in traditional chinese medicine, kudzu merits an esteemed inclusion in the TCM category called - 'the 50 fundamental herbs'. The root contains useful isoflavones with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Sassafras • According to one 16th century botanist, sassafras was one of the wonders of the new world. He chronicled how the Native Americans would use the root in topical liniments and poultices for skin problems of many kinds. By stimulating circulation, draining congestion, resolving toxicosis and reducing eczema, sassafras is a power-packed nutritive botanical for supporting all varieties of complexions. USAGE: After cleansing and toning the skin, apply a small amount of Aphrodite's Feast prior to your moisturizer.

Size1 FL OZ /30 ML
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Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database Rating3
Ingredientsorganic infusion of: water hyssop, gooseberry, black fig, carrot; organic tincture of: astragalus, white willow, gotu kola, figwort, comfrey root, sassafras root, yellow dock; organic aloe vera leaf juice, organic kudzu root oil, organic green tea oil, organic soy lecithin, organic avocado oil, organic rose hip seed oil, vegetable glycerin, organic rose hydrosol, organic bulgarian rose essential oil, organic helichrysum essential oil, organic myrrh essential oil, organic green myrtle essential oil, organic rosewood essential oil, organic patchouli essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, honeysuckle flower CO2, organic rice bran, natural vitamin E, wildcrafted pine bark extract, organic marigold / turmeric blend, organic olive leaf preservative, organic seabuckthorn CO2, organic pomegranate CO2, organic guar gum, organic arabic gum, rosemary leaf extract
Percent Organic100%
Percent Natural100%
BrandGrateful Body
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Product GroupBeauty
Product Type NameBEAUTY
TitleAphrodite's Feast
Feature1 FL OZ / 30 ML dropper bottle
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