Anson's Karmal


 Relatively inexpensive and all natural is great, but they're just not all that delicious relative to a See's or Godiva version. 


Pros: 100% natural

Cons: Not the highest quality chocolate in the world

Anson's Karmel chocolate covered caramels aren't bad.  I would have to say, I'd choose these over Newman's Own Caramel Cups any day.  You only get one in a package (which is less ideal from a packaging waste stand point) but it's a pretty sizeable caramel.


In terms of taste, it's not bad.  It's not horribly sweet and the carmel has a pretty good flavor.  I also like that the bulk of the candy is caramel as opposed to chocolate.


In terms of quality, it's okay.  It's better than the super cheap, mass produced stuff (and doesn't have all the junky chemicals those have).  But it's not as rich as your See's or Godivas of the world.


 Its no Godiva -- or even See's -- but if you're looking for a natural, tasty caramel this one does the trick.  The caramel is perfectly sweet and very soft/chewy. The chocolate is what really doesn't really make the cut (compared to conventional brands), but I can forgive it because it's natural.  :)

Anson's Karmal

Chocolate-coated caramel. Belgian chocolate. Caramel sweetened with brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice, and natural vanilla. No hydrogenated oils.

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