Annie's Organic Macaroni & Cheese Reviews


A Delicious Classic


Pros: Great Flavor, Organic wheat

Im a big fan of the Shells and Real Aged Cheddar macaroni and cheese. The pasta is delicious (if not over/under cooked...obviously). Ive tried Kraft Organic Mac and Cheese and its nowhere near as good as Annie's. Annie's is absolutely fine by itself if you enjoy the traditional mac and cheese route...If you like adding extras (you know, the "just how mom use to make it" extras) then you can use any mac n' cheese and its really not going to matter if youre adding ten pounds of miscellaneous food. If you are adding tons to your mac you might as well use an organic flavorful pasta like Annie's.For the traditional mac n' cheese enthusiast I'd say if you pick Annie's you wont be dissapointed. 

Why Does It Have to be Soooo Bad For You???


Pros: Organic, real cheese, generous amount of cheese included, recyclable packaging

Cons: Calories!!!

When I was a kid Mac & Cheese was my family's comfort food. Crappy day at work for mom? Mac & Cheese for dinner. Didn't win at my track meet? Mac & Cheese for dinner. Life generally dealing a low blow? Mac & Cheese for dinner. Fortunately I didn't have very many comfort food requiring incidents, otherwise my next rating would be of the best green diet pill! Unfortunately, my well intentioned mom only bought Velveeta Shells and Cheese, which, in the course of my green enlightenment I've discovered is really nothing other than an amalgam of chemicals that could probably survive/fend off a nuclear attack.  When a boyfriend disaster struck a few months ago and I felt the urge...
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Pros: Great taste...good for whole family

Cons: read the label.

I love this product...I buy the certified organic ones though. It's great tasting. My son and husband love it as well...and I add veggies to it and sometimes turkey dogs and makes a wonderful meal. This like others has a little bit of a high sodium content. Some of them are only 70% organic...I get the certified organic ones and the certified organic whole grain ones also.



Pros: Yum

Cons: Pricey if not caught on sale

We found various kinds of Annies Pasta & Cheeses at Big Lots for $1 each so stocked up. I always prefer to eat organic when the price is doable. So even though this $1 a box is almost twice what conventional boxes of simlar products cost, for this product and the amount of food and ect... we felt it was worth it. I am glad we did too. I love this! I avoid boxed foods as a rule when it's conventional- and pass on it organic too cause it's normally cheaper to buy the pasta and seasonings and cheese/meat to put together yourself, but these have been really good, and helped out tremendously while we've been working on the new house.

My Kids Favorite


Pros: My kids love this mac & cheese, organic, easy and quick

Cons: Price

My kids adore this meal.  I cook it at least once a week.  I think they'd eat it 3 times a week if I'd let them.  I like it too, but try not to eat that type of thing that much.  It's very cheesy and I really like that it doesn't have color added.  It's a quick and easy meal when you're on the run.  Add some carrot sticks or apples and you have a meal. 

Mmm...shells and cheese


Pros: Quick and easy, tasty, organic

Cons: Cheesy stuff sometimes clumps

I can't remember the first time I had Annie's shells and cheese exactly...but it's always been delicious. Of the various kinds of mac and cheese, I've had the shells and white cheddar, the whole wheat shells and white cheddar, the shells and real aged cheddar, and the peace pasta. I would have to say, my favorites of those are the shells and white cheddar and the peace pasta (who doesn't love noodles in the shape of peace symbols and a box that's all tie-dyed?).  I'd pick those two (over the shells and real aged cheddar) as the flavors are a little more mild (the real aged cheddar struck me as a bit much last time I had it...also, the orange color from the "annatto extract for natural...
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