Annie's Organic Canned Pasta Meals Reviews

Not great

I usually keep a couple of cans of Chef Boyardee or Safeway brand canned ravioli in the office for a quick, cheap lunch in now and then -- I usually find 'em for about $1/can at safeway.  They're not very good tasting, nor very good for you -- among other things, they're packed with sodium.  But what do you expect? It's a $1 can of ravioli. I tried Annie's organic version of the same product -- "Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheese Ravioli".  It cost about twice as much, and didn't taste much better.  While it's probably lighter on the preservatives, it still packs a whopping 1460 mg of sodium per two-cup can -- 62% of the recommended daily value.  Granted, that's about 25% less than the Chef...
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Kids Not Thrilled


Pros: Good ingredients, easy to make

Cons: Price, kids not thrilled with this, could have more fiber

 I wish my kids liked this more, but alas they're not impressed.  It would be great for weekend lunches or busy nights if I could pop this in the microwave and feed my kids, but they've balked at it the couple times I've tried  Maybe it's them.  I thought it tasted fine for a meal in a pinch.  I like Annie's products in general.

Kinda crazy comfort food


Pros: Easy quick lunch, comfort crap processed food factor

Cons: the comfort crap processed food factor

Surely I am too old to crave spaghetti-os?  Maybe I just want some "meat"balls.  Whatever the reason is, I periodically pick up Annie's spaghetti-os with "meat"balls.  They remind me a lot of your traditional spaghetti-os, and this is my one chance to eat some "meat"balls... It's definitely not gourmet food.  It's not something I'd want to eat on a weekly basis either.  But every once in a while, I get a hankering for some canned spaghetti product, and I'll have this for lunch.  It's kinda like when you crave crappy processed tasting stuff, but since it's organic, you know it has to be better for you than a lot of the other stuff on the shelves.... :)