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Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks Reviews


Not bad!


Pros: No gelatin, free

We got a free sample of these in the mail (thank you huddler :) ), and since I am a sucker for sweets like this, it wasn't long before we opened them. They were tasty and mildly chewy - exactly as you would expect from a product like this. Finding gummy style sweets like this without gelatin can be difficult, so as vegetarians, we definitely appreciated the lack of gelatin.  Would we buy them in the store? If I was looking for something like this - absolutely. I personally don't like cherry flavoured candy, but my wife happily exchanged these for the orange ones. Bonus tip: If you are making tea and need sugar, dunk one these in and watch it dissolve. I have a friend who swears by this...
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Delightfully Fruity


Pros: Not too chewy, not too sweet, good flavor

Cons: not enough in one bag

I am not a candy person, in fact when it comes to buying food, I don't even go down that aisle in the store.  However, I like these.  They had a good flavor and a good texture.  I didn't think there were quite enough in one serving however.  If I'm going to eat something sweet, I want it to satisfy my craving, not just tease me :) I probably would not buy these myself, I have more of a baked sweet tooth (cookies, cake, bread) not so much a candy fetish.  But I would definitely eat them again if someone handed me a packet.

Hey - it's Candy!!!


Pros: Mmmmm... Candy! Gummy Candy!

Cons: ...not very gummy.

First - my kids loved these.  I just told them they were "organic fruit snacks" so they were not totally expecting something just like gummy bears.  They did notice that they were not quite as chewy as they thought they would be - as did I.  I bit a little harder on them then perhaps I should have. lesson learned, we all had some more.  Everyone likes them!   Bottom line - I have kids, gave them candy, they responded when I asked them to tell me about it with (and I quote):"Yummy", "Really good", "Delicious". I guess that sums it all up :-)



Pros: texture, flavor, bunnies!

Cons: texture, flavor...edible bunnies? =)

 So, I looooooove gummies. Peach O's, Gummi Bears, Swedish Fish... Delicious. And terrible for my body. That being said, I think of myself as having a pretty high standard when it comes to sweets of the gummy variety. The texture is different. Good, in the sense that it is WAY easier to get the gummy-ness unstuck from your teeth. Less ideal in the sense that it's not the same as the name brand gummy masters. This is more of an issue for former addicts like myself where the ultra elastic, sticky, gummy texture is part of the whole experience. But, I digress.. and I think that I could easily ween myself from the cavity inducing "conventional" brands. Not to say Annie's won't give you...
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so good! can't believe they're not bad for you...

 these taste great.  flavors are...well...artificial enough tasting to mimic conventional brands of fruit snacks, but aren't artificial at all!  the texture is awesome (not too jelly-like -- really does again seem like those conventional brands), and they're not too sweet.  so great.  they come in these tiny packets.  great for kids, perhaps not large enough for adults who want more!  ;)

Pleasantly fruity

Nice sweet fruity flavor.  Soft, jelly-esque texture. Kids probably won't be able to tell they aren't the usual HFCS-laden fruit snacks.

Tasty, but not quite what I was expecting


Pros: Organic, fruity

Cons: Not really as gummy as a gummy bear

I picked up a package of these Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks at Whole Foods today.  They were sitting next to the cash register, so obviously it was pretty tempting. I like a good gummy candy every now and again so I was interested to test these bad boys out.  I was expecting them to basically be organic gummy bears.  Well...if you expect that, the first chew is a little weird.  Taste wise, they're pretty spot on with any conventional berry gummy.  It's the consistency that gets you.   Now, the Bunnies don't have a bad consistency.  It's just not gummy bear consistency.  After the first "Whoa" thought, I took a look at the ingredients list.  First on there is organic tapioca syrup.  Knowing...
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great for anyone


Pros: great snack

Cons: wanted more

I purchased my anne's snacks from Target and i was very pleased with the amount in the box, the flavor of the snack and I didn't feel guilty eating it because it is organic. I bought little fish crackers and they were better than Pepridge Farms fish crackers and Anne's has little animal crackers as well that are delightful to eat. You won't be disappointed. Try them today. Since I bought mine at Target I have since seen them in other stores so just be on the look out for them.   Enjoy!

Pretty good


Pros: Vegetarian, organic, healthy candy

There are not a lot of gummy candies for a vegetarian to enjoy.  I hadn't had any gummies in YEARS- then I had the fortune of trying two different vegetarian gummy brands in a matter of months. First I had Let's Do...Organic Gummi Bears, and most recently I tried Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks.  I liked them both, but I did prefer Let's Do...Organic. Annie's fruit snacks are sweet, soft, and fruity.  They are a very smooth gummy, compared to Let's Do..., which had a bit of texture to them (which I prefer).  I think I had the Let's Do... Classic Gummies, they also have a Jelly Gummies line which may also be smooth. 


I don't have a sweet tooth, but I love these! I find that gummy bears are too rubbery and tasteless but these were a great surprise. They do taste like real fruit, even though they are a bit too sweet for my taste. If you have kids they are a great alternative to the usual candy treats...
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