Amy's Pasta Sauce Reviews


Mmm, garlicky


Pros: Organic, bottled in a jar (as opposed to a can), not too thin

Okay, in full disclosure, I've only had two of Amy's Pasta Sauces...I've had the roasted garlic kind and the garlic mushroom kind.  Both are very flavorful and full of great spices.  If you're not in the mood for garlic or if you're cooking for a hot date, these might not suit you too well because they definitely are garlicky...or at the very least, you might want to have some gum or mints on hand for dessert. It's great that Amy's uses organic ingredients.  I certainly appreciate that (and it's nice there are two reduced-sodium options).  I also appreciate the fact that Amy's sauces come in glass jars rather than cans, considering the whole there's-BPA-in-the-lining-of-all-canned-food...
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