Amy's Organic Pesto Tortellini Bowl Reviews

Maybe its just me...

Its not that that the tortellini didn't taste good, because it did. It was only that afterwords, I felt really sick from consuming a lot of pesto. It was just kind of oily. But, that may just be my stomach.

Yummy little tortellini


Pros: Organic, good comfort food for being frozen

Cons: Could have a little more pesto

I'm a big fan of Amy's on the whole.  And this meal doesn't disappoint either.  The tortellini is tasty, albeit not super cheesy.  Amazingly, the pasta doesn't get soggy or sticky despite being frozen or heated in a microwave.  The pesto is pretty mild.  I'm a big fan of basil, myself, so it could have had a little more umph, but on the whole, it's quite nice and definitely kid and adult friendly.