Amy's Organic Frozen Pizza


 My new go-to for a quick fix meal.  This pizza was totally delicious -- and I've got to say I was surprised.  I usually have lower expectations for frozen foods.


I popped it in the oven (directly on the rack for crispness) and was delighted by a crispy crust (chewy on the inside).  I love whole wheat crust, and this one was perfect.  The veggies (broccoli) on top came out of the oven bright green (not over-cooked), there was a somewhat generous amount of cheese, and the pesto flavor was really great.  One was enough for two people to split.


One pie takes only about 20 min to go from home to your table (20 min includes preheating time).  It's an awesome choice on a long day when you don't have time to cook a full meal.  Compared with conventional pizzas (even CPK frozen ones, which i usually like), I'd prefer Amy's.


Pros: REALLY easy to make, tasty

I was very impressed with how tasty this was. I had the pesto flavor that had tomatoes and broccoli on it. The veggies looked and tasted fresh considering it was a frozen pizza. I totally recommend it.


This is the best frozen pizza I ever had. I had the Margherita Pizza and is tasted really fresh. The crust was the was delicious. It is also a nice bonus that this product is organic and doesn't contain any unhealthy preservatives. 


Pros: So easy, tasty, organic

I'm a big fan of Amy's Organic Frozen Pizzas.  I haven't had all of the different kinds yet, but I can speak very highly of the cheese pizza and the pesto pizza.  And I think I've had the veggie kind too...but that was a while back.

In terms of taste, they're really good.  If you get one with tomatoes or veggies on top, they stay amazingly tasty and don't get overly soggy.  The cheese kind is good and basic and the pesto kind is quite flavorful.  And it might sound a little odd...but I was recently advised to put a few capers on top.  The pizza certainly doesn't NEED it, but a few capers and maybe some red pepper flakes and you've got yourself a gourmet meal!  Plus it's organic, so that's a bonus.


In terms of convenience, you really can't beat them.  All you do is pop one in your oven (yes, it's true, you do have to use your thatmakes it a little less eco-friendly...but they don't taste stellar in the microwave) and bake away for maybe 15 minutes.


All in all, I'm a fan and I find myself stopping in the corner store to pick up one of these when I get too lazy to cook for real.

Amy's Organic Frozen Pizza

Amy's pizzas feature various organic ingredients - unbleached flours, organic veggies, whole wheat crust and more relatively healthy options. Some include soy cheese instead of traditional mozzarella. The pizzas come frozen and can be cooked at 425 degrees in 12-14 minutes.

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