Amy's Organic Burritos Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: filling, nutritious, delicious

 after reading kiwi's glowing review, i had to try one myself.  i am a cheese eater, so i actually got the Cheddar Cheese variety (pinto beans, rice, tomatoes, cheddar cheese).  it was delicious!!!! i don't have the patience to oven bake things when there is a quicker option, so i microwaved it.  just like kiwi promised, it didn't get soggy at all -- even though it has dairy in it! totally delicious, filling, inexpensive.  amy's burritos has another convert... ***ADDENDUM: i recently tried the non-dairy version (with black beans and vegetables).  although i am a fan of cheese (and never order a burrito without it), i must say i almost PREFER this version.  it's more flavorful.  lovely!
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Negative Reviews


these burritos are so horrible.


Pros: not a thing

Cons: diarriah, horrible soap taste, indigestion, calories, vomiting, anal leakage, horrible gas, shame

these burritos were complete garbage. The best part was the after taste after puking it up. First off the thing has a leather skin, barely able to bite through. Barely any flavor except a faint soap flavor. The price was outrageous for this horrible excuse for a burrito. Amy needs to re think her horrible disgustin recipies.

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Oh how I love thee...


Pros: Fantastic taste (especially with a little salsa), cheap, relatively healthy, 94% organic

Cons: 550g of salt, what about the other 6% of ingredients?

Firstly, I should declare that I absolutely love these burritos. From an economic perspective, it's pretty hard to beat the cost. While the price in a grocery store can be up to $3.30, the regular price at Target is $1.67. Everyday at 11.45am I heat one of these up in the microwave at work. Amy's should really send me free burritos or something, because my dedication to these, combined with the cooking smells have even got two coworkers eating these daily for lunch. The ingredients are vegan, 94% organic and better yet, pronounceable. It passes the mother approved test, with 5g/22% RDI of your daily fiber. My only complaint with the ingredients is that it contains 550mg/23% RDI of salt. I...
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Really tasty

These are really tasty.  Generally, I have a bias to think that frozen food will taste bad.  Not so with Amy's burritos.  They're quite flavorful and the tortilla isn't cardboard-like.  For a quick and easy lunch, I highly recommend them.

Amy's Cheddar Burrito


Pros: texture, flavor, fast, nutritious

I heated up my burrito according to package directions in the micro and cooked perfectly. I also had some low fat sour cream and sri rachi sauce. With the additions, I rate it a 9.25, without- for overall likability based on all the "pro" aspects of the item I rate it an 8.5. Would definitely choose this again, because I hae to have *some* easy to make meals. Going to check Target for the 1.67 pricing as stated by the other reviewer. At whole foods these were about $2.49 ea.

Awsome burrito


Pros: soft, easy

Cons: sodium

I've bought these for a long time and love them...I like to put green sauce on them and makes it even better. My 19 month old loves them also.The only problem I have with prepared and easy foods though is the sodium content.

So easy, so tasty


Pros: Organic, quite flavorful, don't turn to mush in the microwave

Cons: Bean and cheese kind could use a bit more of a kick

Sometimes you just get lazy...and opening a package and microwaving something is just too tempting.  Amy's makes me feel okay about those days.  After reading the glowing Amy's Organic Burrito reviews (and after eating a variety of other Amy's products), I had to give them a try.  Thus far, I've had the Organic Beans & Rice burrito (vegan) and the Bean & Cheese kind.   When it comes to taste, both are great, but I found that the vegan burrito actually had a bit more flavor.  I certainly wouldn't refuse eating the Bean & Cheese kind again, but it'd have more umph with some good salsa.   In terms of consistency...these burritos are pretty impressive.  You can actually tell...
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