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American Pride Interior Paint


Pros: doesn't pollute, zero VOCs (no toxic fumes!), infinite colors, good coverage

Cons: none

At about $44/gallon, American Pride is cheaper than any other eco-friendly paint that I priced, and my local eco-friendly home furnishing store (EcoHome Improvement in Berkeley) can create any color for me. Some brands (like Yolo) come in a set number of pre-mixed colors, limiting consumers to the company's palette; not American Pride! They have every finish: matte, semi-gloss, full gloss, exterior, you name it. Right now I am sitting in my sunny yellow living room (American Pride mixed to a matte sunflower yellow) which soon will have glossy cream-colored trim.

It's even saving me from the hideous sea-green kitchen that my rental house had when I moved in. Thank god for landlords that let me paint. (Nice for them, huh? They don't even have to pay for the paint.) I seem to remember that it is even cheaper to get quarts of American Pride's colors, maybe just because you can get less paint and not have quarter- or half-gallons sitting around - but maybe because it costs more to custom-mix. They have good coverage, too; the folks at the store warned me that especially with light colors, I would probably need several coats, but so far one coat has satisfied me in the living room and my bedroom.

My only caveat would be to suggest using semi-gloss or glossy for interior walls if you don't mind the way it looks. I like my matte finish just fine, but I went with it because I thought the walls wouldn't get dirty ("oh, I can just paint over any dirt, anyway!") and let me tell you, my walls get scuffed up. Somehow I seem to get everything from dirt to dinner on them, despite the fact that the sofa is the middle of the room. And matte paint is not easy to clean; you're more likely to clean the paint off than just the dirt. Word to the wise!


Pros: no smell

Cons: terrible coverage, too thick, patchy, uneven drying, hard to apply

We are extremely disappointed in this paint. We try to be environmentally friendly, and this stuff was the worst paint I ever bought. It has terrible coverage and we ended up using a lot more than we thought. It was way too thick and cause all our walls to be patchy and dry unevenly. It was also hard to apply and wouldn't really apply to the wall in some places, as if we had oil on our walls or something. Just an awful paint job. Our walls look embarrasing! We are going to repaint them and we are thinking of getting our money back. It just looks SO bad.

American Pride Interior Paint

AMERICAN PRIDE® Interior Waterborne High Gloss Enamel is a premium quality, hard and shiny finish that is ideal for use on interior surfaces where a tough, durable, high-gloss finish is desired. Ideal for wood trim, cabinets, doors and furniture. We have several color swatches to choose from, and we also do color matching! For color matching, please include the original brand name, the name of the color, and the color code. We recommend placing an order for tinted paint over the phone (512-326-4474), but we can do it via the web as well. If placing an order via the web, please include all of the color information, and allow for price adjustments for Deep or Accent colors (ounces and ounces of pigment are used, and environmentally friendly pigment isn't cheap!). There are no returns on paint except for product or manufacturer defects, so please be sure about the color you want and follow the instructions on the can closely. FEATURES * Non Yellowing * Fast Drying * Outstanding Adhesion * Safer Technology * Low odor * Stain Resistant * Durable Finish * Mold and Mildew Resistant * Coverage; 300-400 sq.ft./gallon on most surfaces

Size1 quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallons
Additional Featureslow odor, mold and mildew resistant
Green Seal Certified
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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