Ameda, Purely Yours Breast Pump

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Ameda, Purely Yours Breast Pump

The Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is the only portable double breast pump that combines the legacy of hospital-proven technology with mom-friendly features. It's ideal for moms working full-time or for anyone who wants a quick, easy and effective breast pumping experience. Piston-driven – for comfortable and efficient pumping Compact and lightweight – weighs only 1 pound Individually adjustable cycle and suction controls — you create a pumping experience most comfortable and effective for you. Saves time — its unique design prevents milk and moisture from entering tubing, so there's no need to clean pump tubing! Use it anywhere! Operates using 3 power sources – AC adapter, AA batteries or optional car adapter Includes our patented Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System

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