Amana energy efficient dryer


Pros: ease of use

Cons: haven't really found any

Hey folks, it is an electric dryer, so I can't go overboard here, but this unit is fairly easy to use-I say that because for years I have been using the old style dryers where you loaded clothes, guessed at how long you wanted to run the dryer for and turned it on. 


This is my first AMANA Dryer and first of the "new wave" of energy star appliances I have purchased.  The dryer has a "brain" to it.  It senses weight and moisture content.  All you need to do is load the clothes, select which cycle you want to run-wrinkle guard, reg. dry, delicates, etc and push THAT knob.  You also need to push the button to turn the dryer on.  That is what makes it different over any other dryers I have had.  I hooked mine up to one of those "in line free heat devices"-you know the ones that allow you to vent the heat and moisture that normally goes outside into the house and I am provided with even more energy savings, because I get added heat to what is otherwise an unheated room

Amana energy efficient dryer

Amana ADB2500 Energy Efficient dishwasher. According to the ES label this dishwasher will cost $29/yr with an electric hot water heater and $23/yr with a gas hot water heater. Built in dishwashers are pretty standard looking, and this one is no exception. Easy to use and quiet running

Energy Star QualificationYes
Additional Featuresfood residue disposer
Quiet Operationas quiet as any dishwasher I have ever owned
Tub MaterialPlastic
Power Source120-20 amp circuit
CyclesFull automatic, rinse, air dry, and full dry
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC