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Alternative Baking Company Cookies Reviews

Positive Reviews



I have had several consecutive disappointing experiences with new food options the past few days and to be honest, I wasn't sure that a Vegan cookie was going to be the cure (I love cookies...buttery, fatty, eggy, cookies.) What a pleasant surprise! I tried the "Killer" Chocolate Chip Cookie with Macadamia Nuts and Coconut. It's chewy, delicious, and VEGAN. I still can't believe it.  Go buy these.

Negative Reviews


Very Good Cookie - but NOT good for you


Pros: tastes great, organic and natural ingredients, vegan

Cons: Contains Gluten, 460-520 calories PER COOKIE

 These cookies taste great, but you would hope a vegan cookie would be at least be a little health conscious! While I appreciate the organic and vegan ingredients - the caloric content and fat levels are EXORBITANT.  The labels state 230-260 calories per serving - but there are 2 1/8 serving per cookie!  Meaning...a high of 555 calories for the worst cookie...Plus - no dairy and no milk are great for actual vegans - but the cookies contain wheat flour etc.  So aren't exactly great for people looking at them for allergy or health purposes.

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My new powerbar


Pros: Massive calorie:dollar ratio, tasty, mostly organic,

Yesterday at the climbing gym (Berkeley Ironworks), I was starving after several hours of bouldering. Instead of leaving to get some lunch, I decided to check out their selection of snacks to see if I could stretch my climbing day a couple more hours. I considered the usual suspects (cliff bars, power bars, power goo, pcp, crack, meth, etc) but first asked one of the staff how I could get the most calories for the dollar. Clearly they had considered this question before, because I was immediately directed to the Alternative Baking Company's vegan cookies.   Now, I'll admit that I am not even close to a vegan. And the packaging on the Alternative Baking Co's cookie re-iterated my evil...
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Great Intro to Veganism for Doubters


Pros: Vegan, local, no refined sugar, lots of variety, organic

Cons: Non-recyclable packaging, some flavors are too sweet

For about two months last year I decided to try switching from vegetarianism to veganism, and these cookies were my treat when I completed a week of eggless, dairyless, honeyless existance. I've had several different flavors, and my favorite is the Colossal Chocolate Chip. My only real complaint is the uber-sweetness of some of the flavors: the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is outrageously sweet, and I can't even imagine going for the Double Chocolate Decadence. Despite this, I would highly recommend these cookies, especially to doubters of veganism; they will be blown away!!

chewy little cookies


Pros: very eco friendly

Cons: lacks a little sweetness

These cookies are pretty good, but if you're expecting the normal tollhouse cookie you're going to be in for a disappointment.  It;s all about expectations with these cookies.  If you buy them knowing that they are good for you cookies, then you're set.  They are pretty darn tasty and do leave you wanting to nibble on just a little more.


 VEGAN COOKIES?!  these would automatically fall in my no-no category, as i'm a firm believer that if you're not a vegetarian/vegan, and when you're indulging in desserts, you should always go for the "real thing."  but these actually taste really good!  sometimes we're fooled into thinking that vegan or vegetarian products are healthier (as in lighter in calories).  these are definitely not.  but most importantly, they taste great.
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