Alter Eco Fair Trade Mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews


Alter Eco Mild Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Pros: Organic, Dairy Free, Vegan, Gluten Free

Cons: Price

My friend brought over a bottle of Alter Eco Extra Virgin olive oil to do some fine cooking. I'm not sure why she brought it over, but she wanted me to taste something that was organic and made with Fair Trade peace. To me olive oil is just plain ol' olive oil.   I was checking out the packaging which was nice, bright, and appealing. I'm the kind of guy that judges a book by its covers and thought nice packaging must equal good taste and high quality. And sure enough, it was smooth, not too strong, and didn't over power the sautéed beef and mushrooms. I'm sure a chef could probably distinguish between good and bad taste better than I, but I give it "two olives up!"   But what really...
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