Alba Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer Reviews

Positive Reviews

i think its pretty good

it had a nice smell, and only required a very little amount to cover your whole face, the other review was right, it does take a little bit to really be absorbed, but that's maybe 20 seconds. I like it :)

Negative Reviews


Not sure about this one


Pros: oil free

Cons: sticky

For an oil-free moisturizer this one feels kind of sticky after application. It takes some time to absorb too and it does not smell very natural to me. It is kind of sweet smelling, not a bad smell but I expected it to smell clean and fresh because of the green tea. I don't think I will be buying this again because I have oily skin and it does not seem to help with that. I use a very small amount to avoid that but is still feels kind of sticky. It also does not seem to help with winter dryness.