AirDry Ceiling Clothes Drying Rack


Pros: no floor space, eaach rod individually raised/lowered

I just wanted to share my experience with a product that I bought a few weeks ago that is great for the environment and also save you money. It's a drying rack that you can use all year to air dry your clothes.  It attaches to the ceiling and let you dry your clothes by pulling them and hanging near the ceiling.  It doesn't take any floor space and I have mine installed in a laundry room near washer/dryer. It's kind of  hard to describe without seeing, but you can take a look for yourself at their website  I was able to reduce the use of my electric dryer by at least 75%, not too mention it's also so much more gentle on your clothes.


Pros: Everything!

Cons: nothing

This is a great GREEN product! I am so pleased with this product!  I use it constantly!  And the best thing is it's up at the ceiling, so it's not taking up floor space.  And the ceiling captures heat, so that helps dry my clothes!  

AirDry Ceiling Clothes Drying Rack

Unique Design, No Floor Space Needed, Holds Full Load of Laundry, Blends With White Ceiling, Perfect For Laundry Room and Over Bathtub. AirDry ceiling clothes dryer provides an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to a gas or electric dryer. With a unique space saving and lightweight design, AirDry can be easily installed on the ceiling and is ideal for installations above washer/dryer in laundry rooms or over the bathtub in bathrooms. AirDry comprises of six rods that can be individually raised or lowered, and can accommodate a full load of laundry. Imagine how simple it will be to lower the rods and hang your damp laundry right out of the washing machine. Raise each rod and let the warm air trapped near the ceiling finish off the drying. Visit for more information including product videos.

Additional FeaturesUnique space saving design, with individually lowered lines
Release Date
Feet of Drying Space21 feet
Rack TypeCeiling mounted (indoor)
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC