Adina Coffee Energy Drink


Pros: How can a coffee drink be so refreshing?

Cons: Caramel is a little too sweet

I tried the Hazelnut and Caramel flavors of this drink and was really surprised at the exceptional quality.  The hazelnut was perfect, esepcially very chilled as it was.  The caramel was a little sweet, but only compared to the hazelnut perfection. 


The quality seemed 'clean' and 'refreshing' and was very impressed.


(that's me in the teal color drinking it in the photos above)


Pros: fair trade, natural

Cons: caffeine

Alright so I'll be honest---I don't drink coffee and I'm not a fan of stimulants.  My caffeine of choice is chocolate and that never "picks me up" mentally.  That being said if I were to need a pick me up I would go to Adina because at least it is a coffee energy drink that tries to be natural.  I've had the Caramel and vanilla and both are easy to drink (unlike other coffee products in my opinion).


Pros: Tastier than far

Cons: Not big enough

I really really really loved the flavor of "Mocha Madness". I bought one, drank it, went right back and bought another. Id much rather drink an Adina over those Starbucks espresso drinks anytime. Not to say I feel like a hipster dufus when I walk around with a Starbucks drink but Id much rather walk around with this in my hand. Plus, it has enough caffeine for a small but effective pick me up. 


Pros: delicious, sweet

Cons: sugary

Great flavor and unique take on coffee. Tastes deeper and more natural than commercial counterparts.


Pros: Nice little pick-me-up, natural, fair trade

Cons: Not super coffee-y (but that might be a pro if you're not a fan of strong coffee flavors)

I've had a few of these Adina coffee drinks now...I've tried the Mocha Madness kind, the Hazelnut Hook Up kind, and the Double Espresso (I think that's what it's called). 


Truthfully, they all taste pretty similar to me...I guess the Mocha Madness version is a bit more chocolatey, the Double Espresso is a bit more coffee-like, and the Hazelnut...well, that's self explanatory.  But on the whole, I like them quite a bit (so I don't mind that they don't taste all that different).  They're on the sweeter side and don't scream coffee, but as long as you're not expecting iced coffee...Adina is quite enjoyable.  The energy boost was just what I needed the other day after the post-lunch-sleepy-time hit. 


And when they're on sale at Whole Foods, you can get 2 for $3 which isn't bad.  I'd definitely get them fact...I have one waiting in the refrigerator for me.  Oh, and Adina also gets bonus points for having a Zap Xebra in their fleet.


Cons: not what I expected

I'll have to admit, I was expecting a much stronger coffee flavor and this ended up being more focused on the chocolate side than I was ready for. It tastes quite a bit like fair trade Yoohoo. Thankfully, I like Yoohoo, but I'll look forward to trying their normal espresso.

Adina Coffee Energy Drink

Made from organic, fair-trade Colombian Coffee, evaporated cane juice, fair trade organic cocoa, and guarana, the Adina Mocha Madness is great option for those looking to support fair trade organizations, and get a boost in the morning.

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