ACME Bags - Dual-Handled Tote Reviews


ACME Reusable Grocery Bags with Duel Handles


Pros: Long lasting, quality made, recycled cotton, duel handles, lightweight but strong

Cons: Not a flat bottom which makes clerks grouchy

I've had eight of these reusable bags for over a year now, and I've been loving them the whole time. They look a little small, but in reality it only takes about six bags to bag up a cart full of groceries. They hold a ton of groceries and are strong enough to manage even heavy items like a six-pack or organic beer or boxes of laundry detergent.   These bags have some HUGE PERKS:   The color choices rock. I got brown (they also have natural and black) and the brown doesn't show a bunch of dirt. The handles are excellent. My eight year old always helps carry and he uses the short handles while I swing the longer handles over my shoulder. The short handles also make grabbing them quickly a...
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Best Grocery Bags Ever!


Pros: strong material

Cons: no inner lining so a bit flimsy

I have been using these 100% recycled cotton bags for a few years now, and they're still as durable and strong as ever. They are soft and easy to wash, and they are the perfect size for groceries. They are also great for holding fresh picked veggies!