ACME Bags - Dual-Handled Tote


Pros: Long lasting, quality made, recycled cotton, duel handles, lightweight but strong

Cons: Not a flat bottom which makes clerks grouchy

I've had eight of these reusable bags for over a year now, and I've been loving them the whole time. They look a little small, but in reality it only takes about six bags to bag up a cart full of groceries. They hold a ton of groceries and are strong enough to manage even heavy items like a six-pack or organic beer or boxes of laundry detergent.


These bags have some HUGE PERKS:

  • The color choices rock. I got brown (they also have natural and black) and the brown doesn't show a bunch of dirt.
  • The handles are excellent. My eight year old always helps carry and he uses the short handles while I swing the longer handles over my shoulder. The short handles also make grabbing them quickly a snap and makes the bags feel more sturdy.
  • I've washed these a million times by now and they're holding up great. One bag has shown some signs of the stitching coming loose - but I use these for everything, almost daily. We use them to carry groceries, library books, overnight gear when we travel, and more.


These bags don't self stand - not flat bottom. They do flop over, but it hasn’t been a problem, except for an occasional cashier not being able to figure out how to load it. Seriously though, clerks should just get on board with reusable bags and it'd be just fine. They're easy for me to load up.

I wish they were in organic cotton, but after looking and looking for the perfect bags, I liked these in recycled cotton the best - I guess it's up for debate which is more eco-friendly - organic cotton or recycled.

I love them a lot and I'm guessing they'll last another few years, after which I'll cut them up for cleaning rags. If I could give them five stars, I'd actually give them six+ and buy them again in a few years OR give them as a gift.


Pros: strong material

Cons: no inner lining so a bit flimsy

I have been using these 100% recycled cotton bags for a few years now, and they're still as durable and strong as ever. They are soft and easy to wash, and they are the perfect size for groceries. They are also great for holding fresh picked veggies!
ACME Bags - Dual-Handled Tote

These tote bags are made from 100% recycled cotton and are perfect for carrying your groceries. They also have a dual set of handles so that you can carry them in your hands or around your shoulders. Very durable and easy to wash.

Additional FeaturesMade with Fair Labor/Fair Wages
Material100% recycled cotton
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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  • Flat bottom
  • Choice of good colors - natural, black, and brown.
  • Made with recycled cotton.
  • Fair Trade
  • Long & short handles
  • Wash well and can even be dried in the dryer.
  • Last and last.
  • Strong enough to carry books, groceries, while feeling very secure.
  • Easy for kids to carry due to the extra set of short handles.



Ordering from Reusable Bags is easy; no website system glitches, no never ending forms to fill out. Bags arrive when Reusable Bags say they will (in about 4 days standard shipping). These bags are also cost effective. Rather than buying store-brand reusable bags, which are normally made of questionable material, these bags are recycled cotton, eco-friendly, and last for a long time, making them a better value than most. 

About the company:

Reusable Bags is an eco-friendly company, encouraging consumers to reuse rather than waste. They donate 1% of all sales to the environment, support Fair Trade, and offer over 700 reusable products; enough to get any household or consumer on the path to greener living.