ABAN 'Ama' Travel Bag

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ABAN 'Ama' Travel Bag

Every day over 60 tons of plastic water bags end up on the streets of Accra, Ghana. Every night over 30,000 children fall asleep on these same streets. ABAN is a women’s empowerment organization that works to fight these two conditions and symptoms of extreme poverty. ABAN produces handmade accessories from Ghanaian batik fabric and upcycled plastic bags from the streets of Accra. Former street young women make each product by hand, empowering them to rise out of poverty by providing them with fair wages, shelter, and educational classes in business, English, math, etc. Each product also reduces the amount of litter that fundamentally threatens the well-being of Accra’s residents. This bag has traveled from Ghana and is ready to keep traveling with you. The Ama travel bag covers one young woman's school supplies for 2 months and recycles 6 plastic bags.

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