8th Continent Complete Soy Milk


Pros: tastes good, added fiber, omega-3 DHA, and calcium,

8th Continent tastes way better than Silk. I also like that 8th Continent Complete has the added fiber, calcium and omega 3-DHA. My kids are even drinking it which is amazing.  Everyone out there that is drinking Silk right now needs to try this one.


Pros: Really improved my reflux.

Cons: Can't find chocolate

After a taste test, I became an 8th Continent Soy Milk fan. I drank cow smilk and loved it my entire life,  but switching to soy milk was easy because it taste better and isn't blue in color.
Comparing nutritional benifits on several sites to other Soy Milk producers, and all other health benefits make it an excellent replacement.
8th Continent Complete Soy Milk

8th Continent Complete is a new soy milk with added benefits of calcium, fiber, and omega 3-DHA! It tastes yummy (actually won an award for #1 Tasting Soymilk in America.) It is the only complete plant protein that is equivalent to animal protein. A nearly perfect food!

Additional Features80 calories per serving, available in vanilla
TypeSoy milk
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