360 Vodka


Pros: clean, dry taste, eco-friendly

In my efforts to change to a more sustainable lifestyle, it's a pleasure to stumble upon this eco-friendly company that is creating one of my favorite drinks - vodka.  And I found out that they sell it in Trader Joe's which makes it even more accessible!


Pros: recycled packaging, sustainable production

Cons: not organic

I like the idea of this product and what the company is trying to achieve in a new market.  However, why go halfway?  Vodka could be made from organic ingredients and achieve a more eco-sensitive feel. 


Pros: Eco Vodka!

Cons: No grey goose

 Great vodka and will definitely buy more considering the eco-awareness of this product.  Have never had green wine and this was good.  Just curious how much of a price increase this vodka is considering the packaging and how much extra it was to process this.... ?


Pros: Fresh, Special, Good Enough to Drink Straight on Ice

Cons: Rare?

I have been accused of being a lush before, but for what it was worth I liked this vodka. In fact, I think being a lush gives me more credibility because I have sampled many vodkas.


I like to entertain in my home a lot and feel ridiculous sevring Smirnoff martinis. The flavor just is not good. It is fine if you mask it with some cran, but otherwise I refuse.  But what are other viable options? Do I buy Grey Goose, which is surely shipped from some far flung place like Michigan, and processed in an environmentally horrid manner? Or do I spring for a rare bottle of vodka that costs $60, which could be good or bad?


Luckily, I tried 360 and I know it is good. And they have sustainable production practices and recycled packaging. And I won't fell silly like I do when I pour a Smirnoff on the rocks, a la Sophomore year in college. I am converted.

360 Vodka

360 Vodka is crafted from a philosophy of eco-awareness. 4X Distilled and 5X Filtered for unrivaled character, it's the finest vodka Earth had to offer.

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